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The ‘Hoggi Horses’ come in all shapes and sizes, and include dressage divas, effervescent eventers, cuddly cobs and amiable all-rounders. All enjoy the same levels of individual care, comfort, safety and facilities. Most have lived at Hogholm for a number of years and we hope that those joining us more recently will draw their pony pensions here.

We aim to foster a friendly ‘team’ atmosphere which offers mutual support - and a haven from the stresses of the day job!

Our clients know that their horses receive the Platinum Standard of care and, as a result, tend to stay at Hogholm for a long time. If you’re interested in livery, please feel free to ask any of our livery clients for their opinions of the yard when you visit us. In the meantime, you can read some of their comments below...

“It's been great to call this place a home away from home, filled with lovely staff and lovely liveries. Not only do you make lifelong friends and come up to relax after a tough day, but you can come knowing your four-legged best friend has been looked after kindly and competently. One of the very few places in the equestrian world where gossip is left at the gate.

“Never money-orientated, you will not be left shocked at your bill filled with pricey extras. The staff are all super friendly and very knowledgeable, sometimes spotting problems you didn't yet notice. You are able to come up to the yard confident you will have somewhere to ride without distraction (in one of the three spacious arenas), and easily escape the rain in the massive indoor.

“When your horse decides to throw a tantrum, you have numerous fantastic teachers that come up regularly. An on-site saddler to help with back problems too. Only downside is you'll be spending far too much time at the pony palace and hate getting back to real life!”

“It’s fantastic having an expert saddle-fitter hands-on at the yard.”

“Having excellent facilities – ie two outdoor schools and one indoor school, giving me the ability to ride in any weather.”

“The facility to have our jumps set out in the summer and stored in the indoor school in winter is brilliant.”

“Knowing that I am at a safe, extremely knowledgeable, ever-developing yard.”

“Overall a very flexible, user-friendly, yard.”

“Ability to ride whenever you want, not having to wait for a space in the school.”

“Really nice, competent, friendly, very helpful staff.”

“Great place to meet some really interesting and fantastic people.”

“Knowing my horse is safe and happy”