Lorna Anderson and Graham Evans, working together as Saddlery Scotland, offer bespoke saddle-making and regular saddle-fitting clinics at Hogholm Farm Stables and yards throughout the north of Scotland. Although the focus is on WOW and SemiFlex, all makes of saddles are refitted. To add your yard to the diary, please email lorna@hogholmstables.co.uk

Graham has been a saddle-maker for 47 years, specialising in bespoke saddles for performance horses. He spends over 100 days a year on the road to refit clients’ saddles on-site in the UK, Europe and Dubai. This, says Graham, “Ensures the best possible fit, as I get to see the horses and riders together, as opposed to working from a template or a photograph. These have their place, especially when clients live in remote locations, but nothing beats the fine-tuning possible when you have the rider and horse there. Lorna and I work as a team, assessing and adjusting the saddles to best fit both horse and rider”.

A dressage rider and producer, Lorna is the Accredited Retailer & Fitter for both WOW and SemiFlex, covering the North East and North of Scotland. She says, “I find it fascinating that small changes in tack fit and balance can make such a huge difference to both horse and rider, and gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction from helping riders improve their horses’ way of going”.

WOW™ is the world’s first modular saddle. The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts. WOW™ has proved that it is capable of performing at the highest levels in Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Endurance and Racing. The technology and concepts used to make this saddle are not to be found in any other brand. WOW™ is unique and truly "Saddlery for the 21st Century".

WOW™ currently sponsors dressage riders Richard Davison, Wayne Channon, Lesley Peyton-Gilbert and David Rumsey, show jumper Nick Moon and eventers Kitty King, Francis Whittington and Paul Tapner.

SemiFlex saddles are used extensively and successfully in the veterinary treatment and rehabilitation of horses that have suffered from physiological, and frequently psychological, problems caused by badly fitting saddles. They are used and recommended by top level trainers, instructors and competition riders. Notable enthusiasts are remedial trainer Michael Peace of Think Equus and Kate Carter, dressage horse breeder and trainer.


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